Farm Wife Favorites Holiday Gift Guide

A Farm Wife's Holiday Gift Guide

I've found that farmers are some of the hardest people on Earth to shop for when it comes to the holidays. Here are some of our favorite's here at Hidden Creek to make this season's giving effortless.



This pullover by Carhartt has already sold out multiple times!! It's flying off of the shelves & we already know that it's going to be under a whole lot of Christmas trees come December. I was able to snag this color, malt, during Carhartt's last restock & after testing it out I want every color available.

It's cozy & warm without being too bulky. This sherpa comes in a multitude of colors and they have a men's version as well. I've found that this item is true to size, however if you want a cozy oversized fit, I recommend sizing UP in women's. It has pockets that are fully functional & actually fit my iPhone Plus. The cinching feature around the waist is perfect for extra breezy & cold days.

Don't hesitate on ordering this one...we all know that it's going to be out of stock in every color & size shortly.


Friends, I have tried just about every chapstick out there that there is to try & our whole family can agree that nothing compares to Burt's Bees. I have made my own chapstick countless times & while customers have raved over it, I've got to be honest...I've always continued using Burt's Bees.

I personally keep a stick in my vehicle at all times, in each coat that I own's pocket, my bibs, my money bag, my desk drawer, and probably about ten other places that I am not thinking of. I never go without & neither does Jesse. This pack of 10 makes a great stocking stuffer that your farmer will actually appreciate during the dead of winter when it feels like you can never get enough hydration. The peppermint oil gives a tingly feeling



Here's a little backstory for you...I was influenced on social media to purchase these gloves. As it turns out, they were worth every single penny. They are comfortable & versatile but most importantly, they are well made. These unisex gloves come in several styles but the 4-Season is the best for someone who works with their hands year round.

Give'r gloves have a 100% leather waterproof exterior & are made in the USA. The business is ran out of a garage in Jackson, Wyoming so you can trust that you are supporting & tried and true small business.

I absolutely LOVE that you can custom add initials to these gloves giving them an extra touch when it comes to gifting. Everyone that works outside or with their hands needs a good pair of gloves. Buy them for yourself & buy them for a gift - get the wax coating, you won't regret it.

4. Five Gallon Bucket Toilet Seat


I truly crack up at the thought of this one every single time but honestly, name something more functional. As farmers, we are always caught the furthest from home when nature calls. This toilet seat turns any five gallon bucket into a potty and comes with disposable toilet bags & a case. While it was originally designed for boating, it's perfect for a long day in the tractor when you're far from home, truck drivers, camping, or even just the back of the car for emergencies.

My sister came up with this gag gift last Christmas but it's a gag gift that's actually been put to good use.



The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is a fun gift for the entire family. Solo stove makes it possible to feel the warmth of a campfire just about anywhere, with it being easy to move & it's smokeless burning.

Whether you live out in the country, have a camping hobby, love a good tailgate or live in a city sky rise with a balcony, the Solo Stove will work for you.  

Put yourself in nature, surround yourself with ones that you love & enjoy Solo Stove all year round. Be sure to check out their available accessories, also!


Do you live somewhere cold for the winter? You NEED a Stormy Kromer cap. This US company has been keeping heads warm for the last 100 years with their 100% wool caps. It is available in 20 different colors, & great for the men, the women & the kids.

Be sure to follow their size chart & order the correct size. There is a lot to choose from, but when you order correctly, you'll never lose your hat to the wind. Each cap is cut & sewn in Michigan and comes with a lifetime warranty.


A DryGuy boot & glove dryer was one of the very first gifts that I bought my husband almost 7 years ago. A ring, a move & two kids later he is still using that same dryer every single day. This forced air dryer is made in the USA and can dry 4 different items at one time.

It's a perfect gift for all year round (sweaty feet) and has a quiet fan that isn't obnoxious in your mudroom. This dryer takes up minimal space and & is tucked behind our door. This dryer comes with two boot extension tubes for those with a longer shaft and has a timer with various settings for your drying needs.

I love throwing my boots on our dryer during the winter months before I go outside. While it may seem like an unnecessary luxury, it's one of the most used items in our home.  

Friends, I could talk about Bombas socks for hours. I really am such a passionate customer when it comes to these socks. My freshman year of college (2013) I was introduced to Bombas socks through a subscription box service that my aunt had purchased for me as a gift. It was delivered to my dorm 4 times each year and showcased sustainable new products that were up & coming.

This was the beginning of my love affair with Bombas & in the years following, I have convinced my entire family to buy them as well. The honeycomb arch gives my feet the support that I need to be on my feet all day long & I love the cushioned footbed & seamless toe.

For every pair of socks purchased, one pair is donated to homeless shelters so you can feel good about your purchase.

#Givethemliberty has become one of my favorite brands this year. They create a quality overall and stick to the basics. They are ultra soft but also durable. I personally wear these bibs in many colors around the farm and absolutely love them. While one of my hands is usually taken holding a child, I need as many functional pockets as possible.

If you plan on wearing your bibs over other clothing, remember to size UP. Otherwise, they are true to size and adjustable. I was nervous to purchase the frosted sage, because although I loved the color, I was nervous that I would have them ruined the first day wearing them.

To no one's surprise, the first day that I wore them I was in the pig pen & ended up covered in manure. The bibs washed up great and I am still wearing them weekly. Liberty Bibs are great for the entire family, so be sure to order them for your kiddos also!


Lodge Cast Iron is a timeless staple that every one who enjoys country cooking' needs to have in their kitchen. Some of my skillets are 'antique' and have been passed down by generations & some are brand new. Lodge Cast Iron comes pre-seasoned & is ready to use right out of the packaging.

I love this set because it includes everything that we love in our own home. The 12" skillet is hands down the most used, but the Dutch Oven is a wintertime must have. Use over the stove, the grill or the campfire. These pieces are so versatile & elevate your inner chef.

Guys, I finally found a chore boot that doesn't make my feet, or my legs for that matter, sweat!! Xtratuf boots were created for Alaskans trying to keep warm & dry while working in some of the country's harshest conditions. They are 100% waterproof, durable & flexible.

If you wear a half size, size UP in Xtratuf deck boots. They are available in men, women & kid sizes in so many different colors. Wear the 'Alaskan sneaker' all year round & stay dry.

The Milwaukee Jobsite Speaker is another well used gift that I have gotten for my husband. He is so dang hard on things & I couldn't trust him to have an expensive speaker outside while working. The constant dust, the 'oops it fell,' the forgetting it out in the open barn overnight...yikes. However, this speaker has held up and stood the test of time. The sound quality is great & Jess can hook up via Bluetooth to listen to music while on a job.

12. Food Dehydrator

I know what you're more kitchen appliance to store somewhere but this dehydrator is perfect for perfecting your jerky recipe, drying fruit & herbs, & even making dog treats. You can 1) significantly lower your food waste & 2) make low cost snacks that come with a high price at the grocery store. I especially love that this dehydrator has stainless steel racks rather than plastic. Every homesteader, gardener & DIYer needs this.

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