We are growing our crops, livestock, family & dreams one acre at a time.

- Abigail Sickler

We raise our products with transparency that you can see first hand when you visit our farm & quality that you can taste.

Our philosophy

It all begins & ends with the soil. By letting our livestock rotationally graze each acre of the farm, never tilling the ground & planting multi-species cover crop we let nature do the job that God intended it to do.  

"I can’t believe how amazing the ribeye steak was from Hidden Creek. I was skeptical at first because I’m kind of a snob when it comes to my steak. I normally go into Philadelphia to buy steak at a specific butcher shop. They were amazing, well worth the money and supporting these people is supporting local!! Keep up the good work I’m hooked."

- Vincent I.

"We absolutely love Hidden Creek Farm’s chicken shares! We purchased two whole chickens each sale they had during 2020 and love cooking them up. We've done rotisserie style & a simpler garlic recipe. They are large enough for four grown adults with left overs to spare. Thank you, Hidden Creek, for bringing a little bit of your family to our Sunday Dinner table!"

- Kaitlyn W.

"I absolutely love Hidden Creek. I was always a grocery store meat buyer since it’s what I always knew but watching how Abigail takes care of the chickens through her Instagram stories and educating me on why to buy farm fresh really convinced me to try a Hidden Creek chicken! It was so good and way better than anything I’ve had at the grocery store.

- Emily D.


Our farm specializes in non-GMO pasture raised chicken. We work hard to put the best quality chicken on your plate & ensure that it will change your perspective on grocery store poultry for ever. It's juicy, it's flavorful & it's how chicken should taste.

Chicks arrive on our farm when they are less than 24 hours old & are sourced from a hatchery less than two hours away from us in Pennsylvania. We have a close working relationship with the hatchery to help ensure that we are getting the chicks to the farm as quickly & humanely as possible after being hatched.  

Once they arrive at the farm, the chicks live in our greenhouse turned brooding house until they are 2-3 weeks old & begin developing their true feathers, which allow them to regulate body temperature. We have found that the sooner that we are able to get our birds out to pasture, the better that they are in survival rates, quality of life & taste.

We bulk source our non-GMO feed from a local mill where we actually sell our non-GMO corn that we grow here on the farm, but their main source of food comes straight from nature's garden. Through using portable chicken tractors, we are able to introduce a fresh salad bar to our chickens each and every day, giving them a safe space to reside & plenty to eat! With over 10 species of cereal grasses, broadleaf species, legumes & critters, our birds always have an assortment of dinner options.

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