If it isn't sustainable, it just wouldn't fit our mission here at Hidden Creek. We attempt to do our part to minimize waste, and we hope that you choose to do the same. With our box return program, you are able to ship your box & liner directly back to us. After the return of 10 boxes, you will receive an additional $100 worth of meat in your next order. You read that correctly, $100 WORTH OF MEAT!!

This is because of several reasons.

1) We want to reduce & reuse as much as possible.

2) Shipping liners are incredibly expensive & by reusing, we are able to cut down on our shipping rates. Honestly, who doesn't get annoyed at shipping costs?

3) Because we are so dang grateful for our loyal customers.


Instructions will be placed inside of your box, but here are some tips and reminders incase you need them:

You can mail your box to us via USPS at a media mail rate if you place a used (or new) book in the box. This is one of the cheapest shipping rates available & gives us a great opportunity to donate to our local schools and libraries.

If you are in a somewhat local area, once each quarter we will have a box drop off location that you can leave your box & liner at. You will still get return credit!

If you're a neighbor that just loves the convenience of shipping, you can save your boxes & liners and drop them off at our farm store when is most opportune for you. You'll still receive the credit & reap the same rewards.