Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture, otherwise known as a CSA, is a way to connect a mutual benefit between producer and consumer.

Debit Style CSA

Our CSA is flexible, allowing you to buy what you want when you want it. Rather than receiving a weekly or monthly box, you will receive a "debit" card that let's you pick whatever you want! Farm fresh meats, pastured eggs, tallows & various other local products are all available at your convenience.

If you have a connection with the farm, if you've actually walked on the soil, it nourished more than just your body. It nourishes your soul.

 - Abigail Sickler


Our CSA never expires! Use your card year round & re-up your account once you've spent it down.


CSA programs may help strengthen and improve local and regional food systems and contribute to greater food system sustainability.


An easy way to set a monthly, quarterly, or annual budget to be spent with your local farmer.


Knowing the hands that feed you and developing a personal connection with your local farmers will give you a whole new appreciation of the food that you are consuming.

How We Give Back To Our CSA Members


We match a percentage based on your investment and add bonus 'cash' to your card.


  • Invest $300 and receive $18 bonus 'cash.' That's a 6% match.
  • Invest $500 and receive $40 bonus 'cash.' That's an 8% match.
  • Invest $700 and receive $70 bonus 'cash.' That's a 10% match.



To purchase your CSA card, visit our farm store or shop online. All cards purchased online can be picked up in store or sent via USPS.