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A Gift Guide For All Of the Little Farmers in Your Life.

This jacket from Columbia has become a staple in our household. It comes in a variety of colors and we have it in each size. It's lightweight yet warm, making it perfect for layering. Thin enough to wear in a carseat, this jacket is functional for every day life & for around the farm. Our boys can wear this alone on a mild day or we can layer it underneath of their bibs & heavy coat for extra warmth.

Available sizes range from infant to youth and come at a great price point. Certain sizes and colors are as low as $17.00 but you can expect to pay somewhere around $25 if you catch a sale.

Lincoln Logs are timeless gift and are built with quality that can be passed down from generation to generation. My sons & their cousins play with what were once their dads, 30 years ago, & they still look brand new. They are a favorite for any age, including the 30 year olds. My husband is always down on the floor building barns & cabins with the boys for their animals.

There are many sets available but they are all interchangeable & can be pieced together to build a collection. There is a reason that this toy has been around for 100 years with little change. It's a hands on STEM toy that is perfect for creative minds.

I've got to tell you, I was not a believer in these when I first saw them. The price tag was high & it just seemed like one more thing for me to pick up at the end of the day or trip over. Boy, was I wrong. This was investment that my kids will be playing with for years.

Magna-Tiles are truly worth every penny that they cost. Open ended play gives the kids a chance to use their right brained thinking. The fact that they are magnetic makes them easy to clean up. Just make sure that you have a designated bin to put them in so that they are not scattered across your living room, like my own!

Twisted X Driving Mocs are a holiday gift staple for our entire family. We each have a pair (or three), but I can undoubtedly say that Mitchell loves his the most. They are what our family knows as his 'cow shoes' & he wears them any day that he can.

What I love about these most is that they are made with the same quality as adult sizes. Our kids are so rough on things, usually have some sort of manure on them & spend a lot of time outside. These shoes wash up great & have lasted us an entire year. If cowhide isn't your thing, they have several leather options as well & really cute styles for girls.

These sheets are absolutely adorable and were a huge hit in our house. We recently upgraded Mitchell to a 'big boy' bed for his birthday & these were a part of his gift. While they are not licensed by John Deere, they are still pretty dang awesome.

Available in sizes Twin-Queen and in several different prints. If your kiddo is not into tractors & combines the way that ours are, they have a cow print set, construction set & wild mustang set as well. We ended up getting Mitchell a standard black comforter, however, they do have matching comforter sets as well.

Mitchell & Dawson received this gift last year from their Aunt & Uncle and truly play with this hands on activity every single day. It's a great lightweight & compact item to take with you in the car, truck or tractor to keep them occupied (speaking from experience).

Busy boards are a prominent sensory toy & appropriate for ages 1-4. When Mitchell first started using it, he could only figure out the velcro. Now, at 2, we have watched him figure out about half of the 'stations' all on his own.

7. 'Ranch School' Experience

If your kids are anything like ours, they already have so much STUFF. Since becoming a mama, I love gifting people an experience rather than a physical item. M5 Ranch School is a monthly subscription & is appropriate for every age...even the parents! Your kids will learn about everything from fiber animals, to cheese making to water & irrigation.

Workshops, video lessons, learning pages, read aloud books and so much more are included in this awesome service for just $24.99 per month or a lifetime membership for $249.99.

How adorable is this Melissa & Doug activity rug? It is a must have on my own children's Christmas list this year that I know that they will love. It is perfect for imaginative play & is big enough for two children to play together on.

Melissa & Doug toys have a great reputation in quality so that I can trust this rug will last for years. You could easily use this rug for homeschool lessons, making it extremely functional.

We absolutely love encouraging outdoor play & this 'digger' has real working levers & a scoop bucket. It even spins 360*. Your kiddos can have fun digging up the stones in your driveway, putting a hole in the pasture field, 'plowing' snow, or have this set up in their sandbox.

This all season toy is the perfect addition for the inquisitive & mechanical mind. Weight limit says 110 lbs. but I've sat on it many times & nothing terrible has happened. While all of the holes in the yard drive their daddy crazy, it keeps the boys occupied for hours.

This is a gift idea that I truly can not take any credit for. My mother in law started this tradition with her grandkids many years ago & I think that it was genius of her.

On their first Christmas, they receive a toolbox from her (she gets their names put on them) & then each year they get a new tool to put inside. By the time that they are old enough to actually use it, their boxes are full of everything that they need. I know that this will be something that they use forever and will always appreciate. You could do the same concept with a tackle box!

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