From hogs to hens, no one goes without grass around here.


Our hogs are raised in natural woodlands from the time that they are 8 weeks old until they go to slaughter. This has many benefits for both the producer, the consumer & most importantly, the animal. Our hogs are a vital piece of our farm and our pasture & forest management practices.

Hogs are omnivores, which means that to reach their full potential, they need more than just grain. By allowing our pigs to free range over an acre at a time of forest, they are able to scavenge for legumes, grubs, grasses, berries & all of the other yummy treats that they can find in the natural forestland environment. This saves on feed costs, utilizes space on the farm that is not able to be row cropped & creates a flavor profile that you truly can't understand until you try it for yourself.


Our Cornish Cross baby roosters arrive to the farm when they are less than 24 hours old. While they spend the first 2-3 weeks of their lives in a greenhouse turned brooding house, they spend the remainder of their eight weeks on pasture.

As our chickens grow, they are protected in mobile coops that we call chicken tractors. Being moved daily, they are able to forage, scratch & peck in a clean environment while consuming a wide variety of native grasses, legumes & shrubs. This diverse salad bar gives our chickens a flavor palette that is unmatchable. While on pasture, they receive a non GMO blend of feed/supplementation to keep them healthy and happy.

When the chickens reach 8 weeks old, they are loaded up & hauled to Goffle Road Poultry in Wyckoff, NJ to be slaughtered & parceled. Goffle Road is a small family owned USDA inspected facility that we trust wholeheartedly with our birds. They allow for us to be able to produce a higher quantity of birds while ensuring quality. By taking to a processor, we are able to widen our offerings as well. While Goffle Rd. does the slaughtering, a butcher named Nello has become very near & near to our heart. He has created ground chicken, turkey & sausage products for us that are unbeatable. They are the top selling products in our store, as he never disappoints with his craft.


With having very little infrastructure on our farm, we were forced to get creative in the way that we raise our meats & take it back to basics. Our cattle spends their time on pasture from start to finish & are grass-fed/grain finished. By giving them grain, we are able to achieve the marbling & flavor content that is sought after by food lovers across the tri-state.

Upon harvest, our beef is slaughtered & processed at a USDA inspected facility and endures a 21-28 hang time - a process known as dry aging. This allows for the natural bacteria & enzymes to breakdown the muscle fibers in the meat, giving it that tender buttery texture & flavorful palette that we all desire.

"As a consumer, you get to decide where your meat comes from. It can be raised, it can be produced or it can be synthesized."



We are dedicated & passionate about producing the most nutrient dense eggs that are better for both us & the planet. Our laying hens reside in mobile chicken tractors that are moved to fresh 'salad' each and every day, allowing them to scratch & forage in their natural environment.

Our hens are supplemented with non-GMO feed that is sourced from the local feed mill that we sell our own non-GMO corn to. We have multiple breeds & ages of chickens at Hidden Creek that allow for us to sell our 'rainbow' eggs by the dozen & by the flat in our farm store.