Farm to Face Beauty

When it comes to beauty, it doesn't need to be complicated. Here at Hidden Creek, we have made it our mission to utilize the nose to tail of the animals that we raise & create a product that not only benefits your skin, but also the environment.

Why Choose Hidden Creek?

100% Natural

Each of our skincare products have been carefully formulated with our own in house recipes. You won't find any synthetic ingredients, parabens, or chemicals in any of our products. They truly are farm to face.

We Know Our Farmers

While the animal product comes directly from our own farm, we are able to source our cold pressed hemp seed oil from a friend & fellow rancher. Her products are tried & true and help us in creating a product that is good both for you & the Earth.


By using our own animal byproducts to create our goods, we know exactly what we are getting. We know that the animals are being raised humanely & in an environment that mimics nature, exactly how they are fed, & the quality that they produce which all leads to a superior product.

Always Fresh

Our farm to face skin care products are made in small batches on a monthly, if not weekly, basis. Each and every time we receive our product back from processing, we immediately begin working on our next batch of balms & whips, ensuring that your product is always fresh.

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Tallow vs. Lard


Tallow is the rendered beef fat (or suet) that comes from around the kidneys of our steers. It is packed with natural vitamins & minerals, but most importantly, it is easily absorbed by human skin - making it a moisturizing & healing powerhouse. In tallow, you will find vitamins A, D, K, E & B12, along with CLA that are made in a field, not forumulated in a lab. Through the use of tallow, you may find that it is the 'cure all' for common skin conditions like stubborn acne, eczema, psoriasis or generally darn dry skin. With it's intense moisturizing elements, tallow helps to replenish the building blocks of our skin that decrease with age. It's not greasy, won't clog your pores and is the sidekick that you didn't know that you were missing in your skin care regimen.



Like tallow, lard is the rendered pork fat that comes from around the kidneys of our hogs. Pigs are extremely efficient at processing sunlight & storing vitamin D inside of their fat. Given that our hogs are raised 100% outdoors in the fresh air & sunshine, it is safe to say that they are jammed packed with this natural goodness. Aside from vitamin D, lard is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A & vitamin E. Through using lard on our skin, we can help minimize dark spots & lines, reduce acne, promote collagen production & reduce inflammation. Lard has a similar pH to that of human skin, and it is made up of both saturated and monounsaturated fats. When it comes to skincare, the experts know that oil dissolves oil. Since lard is so similar to our own skin oils, it’s really perfect to be used as a skincare product for humans in many forms- lotions, creams, lip balms, cleansers.

Nature's Finest Ingredients

Grassfed Beef Tallow

We harvest beef fat from our own cattle here at Hidden Creek & redner it personally to create tallow - which serves as the main ingredients in our products.

Forest Raised Lard

Utilizing the nose to tail of our animals is of utmost importance to our mission. Rendering our pork fat into lard allows for that.

Essential Oils

Knowing that we are getting our EO from a sustainable & ethical source is crucial. We ensure that every oil that we use in our products is 100% pure & that we NEVER use a man made created fragrance.