Odyssey Tallow Balm
Hidden Creek Farm

Odyssey Tallow Balm

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This balm comes in both 4oz & 8oz but we suggest that you go straight for the 8oz because this is one that you won't be able to live with out! Odyssey is loaded with skin healing benefits and is a creamy solid consistency that will become a staple on your nightstand, next to your sink, in your diaper bag & office drawer. 
I hate to call a product a cure all, because the reality is that everyone's skin is different, but let me tell you... you can use this product from everything to diaper rash to eczema and everything in between. Tallow has natural anti-fungal, antibacterial & anti inflammatory properties to soothe while nourishing your skin. 


Ingredients: Hidden Creek tallow, cold pressed hemp seed oil, & 100% pure eucalyptus, orange, lavender & copaiba essential oils. 

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