Large Poultry Share - 50% Deposit - NOVEMBER SHARE
Hidden Creek Farm

Large Poultry Share - 50% Deposit - NOVEMBER SHARE

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It has been a goal of ours to be able to offer a large share poultry option and give customers a chance to fill their freezers full of our premium pastured poultry. Our broilers are raised on pasture from the time that they are 14-21 (weather depending) days old. They spend the remainder of their lives munching on fresh grasses, legumes, grains, and bugs. Supplemented with a nonGMO feed, it takes our broilers 10 full weeks to grow to their full potential. 

In a large share order from Hidden Creek, here is what you can expect: 


    • 6 Whole Chickens (4-5 lbs. each)  
    • 6 Half Chickens (1.5-3 lbs. each) 
    • 10 lbs. of Boneless Breast 
    • 8-10 lbs. of Bone in Breast  
    • 5 Packs of Thighs (4-6 thighs per pack: 1.35 - 2.5 lbs.) 
    • 5 Packs of Drums (4-6 per pack: 1.75-3 lbs.) 
    • 5 Packs of Cut Wings (12-16 per pack: 1.5-2.25 lbs.) 
    • 2-3 lbs. Chicken Tenders 

50% ($302.50) is due at the time of reserve and 50% ($302.50) is due at the time of pick-up, delivery or shipment. Deposits are nonrefundable. 

This deposit is for NOVEMBER PICK UP. This item DOES NOT ship.