Spring Cleaning Herbalism Workshop - May 9th
Hidden Creek Farm

Spring Cleaning Herbalism Workshop - May 9th

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Come out to the farm and learn with Fat Dragon Farm’s Vicki Otmani the basics of using herbs, flowers & natural materials to clean every area of your life: yourself, your home & your garden! This event is on May 9th from 6pm-8pm. 

Learn to swap these natural, inexpensive & powerful concoctions for the expensive, toxic and unsustainable ones that we get from the store. In the workshop we’ll be making a smudge stick for cleansing the air and auras around you, as well as, an all-purpose home cleaner for disinfecting surfaces. We’ll also be discussing so many other ways to incorporate and rely on things that we can grow in our garden to support a healthy life.

Workshop includes:

  • A handmade incense smudge stick

  • A jar of all-purpose, concentrated home cleaner

  • A selection of 3 dried herbs to build your at-home botanical “farmacy”

  • Printed recipes for easy herbal swaps of common household items

There will be an interactive "lecture" on herbal medicine and plenty of time for Q&A! Light refreshments will  be served.