Day Break - Tallow Whip Scrub
Hidden Creek Farm

Day Break - Tallow Whip Scrub

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This gentle scrub is full of healing properties - exfoliating while deeply nourishing your skin. Easily target problem areas or use a part of your weekly skin routine - we promise that you will feel 100% natural moisture like never before. Our whips are made with Hidden Creek whipped tallow, cold pressed hemp seed oil, organic cane sugar & 100% pure lemon & orange essential oils. A little goes a long way - just a finger dip is all that is necessary. 

The gentle exfoliation will help to remove dead skin cells while our tallow works hard to deeply hydrate. Plus, who doesn't love the refreshing and uplifting scent of pure citrus? This product is meant to be rinsed, so we recommend that you use it as a part of your weekly evening routine - whether it be in the shower, tub or sitting by the sink. Once your skin is clean & exfoliated, Odyssey is the next product in line to lock in that moisture overnight. 

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