Jesse & Abigail Sickler are partners in more than just life. They are also business partners and work together each & every day. Jesse has strong roots in agriculture & has been working on his family's farm since he was old enough to be of use. His strong background in dairy, beef cattle, hogs, grain and all of the other things that you learn growing up as a farm kid, has been tremendously helpful as the couple establishes their own mission as farmers. Upon graduating high school, Jesse & his brother purchased their first farm together with their main focus being on providing a farm to table beef source for the local community with sustainably farming their surrounding acres. During this time, Jesse learned first hand what it meant to be a business owner and not just an employee of the farm. From this experience, he has brought extensive knowledge & growth to our very own operation. 

Abigail's background is slightly different but nonetheless compliments every tool that Jesse is bringing to the table. While she didn't grow up participating in 4-H or milking cows before school, she was helped raised by a farmer & entrepreneur, her stepfather. She grew up watching him and learning about sustainability within the agricultural world, soaking up every bit of ag business knowledge that she possibly could from him. As a teenager, she fell in love with regenerative agriculture as much as he did & pursued her passions at the West Virginia University where she received a degree in Agriculture with a major in Environmental & Natural Resources.
During her time at University she was introduced to the love of livestock & learning of the regenerative agricultural practices that she could bring home to the farm. She no longer saw grain fields with cover crop for the winter, but instead saw an opportunity for rotational grazing and another source of income for the family farm. After purchasing the farm in 2019, Jesse & Abigail combined their ideas and built what is now known as Hidden Creek Farm. 
Growing up, it is safe to say that Jesse nor Abigail dreamed of becoming chicken farmers. However, God put the right people and opportunities into their lives & they have been crushing their goals ever since. Providing farm to table protein options for the local community has long been a goal for the couple & they could not be prouder of the quality products that are produced on their farm. It has long been a goal of theirs to have a farm store where they would have the opportunity to showcase their hard work. After lots of planning & praying, the couple is thrilled to announce the opening of their farm store in Spring of 2021. 
 Though it may seem like the Sickler's do not have a life outside of their businesses, the couple enjoys all of the little things in life the most. Sitting on the front porch rocking with a cold beer after a long day is one of their favorite hobbies. If you've been to the farm, you know that the view is hard to beat. When they do get the chance to step away from the day to day, they enjoy being on the water, out in nature or having dinner with friends. Spending time with their boys as a family is their number one priority & you will often see the kids both up at the farm store with them or running around outdoors 'helping' with the daily chores.