At Hidden Creek Farm, White Rock Cornish Cross chickens are raised from start to finish. Receiving the chickens from a local hatchery when they are just a day old, they are raised for the next 7-8 weeks by Jesse & Abigail. For the first 2-3 weeks, the chicks spend the beginning of their lives in a climate controlled barn. Once they have their feathers & can regulate their own body temperature, they are moved out to the pasture field in chicken tractors that are 16ft x 8ft. in size. It has proved that the sooner that they are able to be on the lush pasture & the more time that they get to spend on grazing during the lifetime, the better quality of product. Each tractor can house 50-60 birds comfortably and they are moved twice a day to fresh grass, ensuring that the birds always have a fresh and clean environment. While the tractors do not allow them to range 100% freely, it gives them the protection that is needed from predators like coyotes & fox. Once their 8 weeks comes to an end, the birds are processed right on the farm, giving you a true farm to table experience.