At Hidden Creek Farm, White Rock Cornish Cross chickens are raised from start to finish. Receiving the chickens from a local hatchery when they are just a day old, they are raised for the next 7-8 weeks by Jesse & Abigail. For the first 2-3 weeks, the chicks spend the beginning of their lives in a climate controlled barn. Once they have their feathers & can regulate their own body temperature, they are moved out to the pasture field in chicken tractors that are 16ft x 8ft. in size. It has proved that the sooner that they are able to be on the lush pasture & the more time that they get to spend grazing during their lifetime, the better quality of product. Each tractor can house 50-60 birds comfortably and they are moved twice a day to fresh grass, ensuring that the birds always have a fresh and clean environment.
Though the birds are raised on pasture, they still require supplementation to create the rich flavor palette that we all desire. The chickens are supplemented with a non GMO feed from Stevens Feed Mill in Stevens, PA. The great part about this supplementation is that Abigail & Jesse actually sell their non GMO corn, grown on the farm, to Stevens Feed Mill to create the blend of feed that they choose to use.
While the chicken tractors do not allow the chickens to range 100% freely, it gives them the protection that is needed from predators, like coyotes & fox. Once their 8 weeks comes to an end, the birds are processed at a USDA certified facility in New Jersey. On average, the birds weigh in fully dressed around 7 pounds. Each bird is individually quality checked and inspected to ensure that our customers are safe & happy with the product. 
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